Why I’m Running

My name is Christine Brown and I'm running to represent you in the 4th Congressional District. It's a huge slice of eastern Washington stretching from the Canadian border to the Oregon border.

After the election in November, I was heart sick and worried about our beloved democracy. While I’ve always believed our democracy was strong, it can be fragile at times. If we’re not vigilant, the freedoms we take for granted because of our democratic system can be weakened. As I watch new developments escalate daily, my concern for the sanctity and protection of our democracy is greater now than ever before.      

We have a system of checks and balances outlined in the constitution where one branch of government keeps tabs on the other. That system is broken. There's very little check on the executive branch by the legislative branch. Collectively, a republican-controlled House and Senate are complicit in allowing this President to get away with actively working to destroy our democracy. There's no check on this President's potential conflicts of interest. There's no check on this President appointing people clearly unqualified to run huge government agencies. There is no check on getting to the bottom of Russian interference in our election with an independent investigation, and whether any Americans participated in that interference.

In addition, I am deeply concerned about our representative form of government. We elect one person in a geographical area to act on our behalf, to make decisions in our best interest. We expect that representative to put our interests above their political party and above the interests of donors. In issue after issue, the republican-controlled House, Senate and White House have shown they do not have our best interests in mind.

Congressman Dan Newhouse voted to sell your internet browsing history to advertisers so big internet companies could make money. He voted numerous times to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement plan. Then, when the disastrous replacement plan was unveiled by the House, he said he wholeheartedly supported it. That republican-authored plan could result in 85,000 of our neighbors in the 4th Congressional District losing their current health care and starting a vicious cycle of no medical insurance for millions of people all over again. In addition, the republican-backed proposal provides deep tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

The Congressman also voted to eliminate many of the consumer protections enacted after the financial meltdown of 2007. The Dodd-Frank legislation was designed to prevent greedy Wall Street insiders from taking our country to the brink of financial ruin again. These votes do not represent our best interest. They help the very rich, including insurance companies, major internet businesses, mortgage lenders and Wall Street hedge fund managers, just get richer.

Like you, I've watched the White House orchestrate daily assaults on environmental regulations, our privacy protections, separation of church and state, and women’s reproductive choices. All the while, our leadership position on the world stage is crumbling at an alarming rate as this President continues to alienate our allies. I'm also watching how rapidly increasing political and economic favor is given to the very rich at the expense of you and me.        

So I've called my Congressman, and I've written him about my concerns. I've donated to causes that work against what's happening, and I've read and watched a lot more news, particularly with differing opinions and ideas, to stay informed. I comment on Facebook. I've marched, and I've rallied. But it's going to take a lot more than that, because our Congressman does not agree that the actions instigated by the White House, and supported by the current House and Senate, are a threat to democracy.

The people of the 4th Congressional District need a leader who has the vision, skills, and experience to bring multiple views together to solve complex problems facing our communities. Decisions by Congress have a significant impact on our communities. This is not the time to put partisan politics over people, to rig the system to further benefit the wealthy and big business. Nor is it the time for timid representation. We need an independent leader who has the demonstrated ability and commitment to bring people together to find solutions and make our economy and government work for all of us.

This is no easy task. Initially, it was daunting as I considered long and hard the prospect of running to become your U.S. Representative. I'm not naive as to how difficult it will be for a democrat to win a congressional seat in a traditionally-conservative district. But we have passionate people who love this country and will not sit by and see it destroyed. We will be loud and aggressive and repetitive. I say we, because we are in this together. We will knock on doors, make phone calls, register new voters, activate our precinct committee officers, engage young people and welcome Independents, Republicans and Libertarians in this fight.        

I commit to you, I will work as hard as I can to represent your values in Washington, D.C.