The 4th Congressional District

The 4th Congressional District is a geographical giant, rivaling the neighboring 5th Congressional District in overall size. Our district stretches from Washington's northern Canadian border to its southern Oregon border.  The 4th Congressional District encompasses seven counties in Central Washington, including Benton, Yakima, Franklin, Adams, Grant, Douglas, and Okanogan.

According to the United States Census Bureau update in 2015, approximately 710,000 people live in the 4th Congressional District with 50.4% identified as male and 49.6% female.

Race demographics for the district are provided via biggestuscities.com:

56.1% White, not Hispanic or Latino

37% Hispanic or Latino

2.5% American Indian or Alaska Native

1.7% Asian

1.0% Black or African American

For more detailed statistics and information about the 4th Congressional District, click the link below.