I was pleased to hear your presentation at East Wenatchee last evening. (4 April) I certainly agree with your positions on health care, immigration, and climate change and although I do not reside in the 4thCD I support and appreciate your candidacy. Thanks and best of luck. David Jaecks— david jaecks

As a disabled American citizen who exist solely on $750 social Security supplementary income along with $129 in food stamp monthly I must support Democrats whenever and wherever possible. Also the current representative in the house in Washington’s fourth district Mr. Dan Newhouse has done absolutely nothing to stand up to the con man currently in the whitehouse. Trump is a trader to this nation as well as a Russian dupe. Mr. Newhouse saw fit to vote for tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this nation. The fourth district needs a representative willing to stand up to the Republican Party and comrade Donald J Trump.— Joseph Allen

I've known Christine Brown for many years and I was thrilled when she told me she was planning to run for the 4th District seat. She will bring intelligence and passion to that position. We have had many discussions about all the concerns for our state and the people in our community. She will absolutely do right by us as our representative. I'm so proud to know her and will support her in any way I can. I hope you will join me.— Angie Tyree

Climate change is my primary motivating issue. She listens to us.— Jaydin HW Ledford

During her tenure at the local news station, she ran and anchored with integrity and honor. She would represent the hard-working class Americans and Washingtonians who believe in respect, ethics and dignity. She would bring this to Capitol Hill.— Mark Moberg

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Christine Brown three times during my career in television news. She gave me my first start in the business and taught me so much about how to learn about my community and to tell the stories that really matter. Christine is such a supporter of America's democratic process and making sure voters are informed when they go to the polls. I have great memories of standing beside her at many voter registration events around the Tri-Cities. I also remember how she would make sure all voices were represented on the newscasts that she anchored for so many years on KNDU-TV. I was so thrilled when I learned that Christine was running for Congress, because I know she has her community's best interests at heart and will be a voice for them. She knows a good idea when she hears one and it doesn't matter which party comes up with it! My only regret is that I don't live in her district, because she would definitely have my vote! Please support my good friend, Christine Brown!— Brian van Kleef

You have my full support!— Sharon Yerian

Christine will bring true representation back.— Laurel Tiphareth

After listening to Christine speak twice, I know she’s the right one to represent the 4th district. Her platform and values represent not only what I want out of a Congressional candidate, she represents the feelings of many people in the 4th district. 2018 will be the first election I get to vote in. I’m very proud to say I will vote for Christine Brown.— Jed Young

Like Christine, I was a media professional, her on tv, me on the radio. When you serve a community for a long period of time, when they welcome you into their homes, jobs, even their cars, it accomplishes a few important things...it creates a bond in crisis, especially when you are the one breaking the news to folks, and it gives us an opportunity to really get to know an entire region in ways most people don't really have a chance to. If you do that kind of a job, and do it with integrity, passion and competence, you become a community spokesperson and leader almost by default. Most of us are too cowardly to step out from the studio and put that on the line by running for public office, but thank God Christine is willing to step up and do just that. People should give her their support for the same reasons they respected her enough to invite her news show into their homes every day for decades---her warmth, her competence, her intelligence, sense of humor, her demeanor (a professional who respected others, and demanded respect in return), affable, relatable and an all-around nice human being. This is an example of what were the best hopes of our founding fathers--people of competence and accomplishment bringing their skills to our National Government out of sheer altruism, motivated to improving the lives of fellow citizens. I urge you to join me in working to elect Christine Brown to the U.S. House of Representatives, WA 4th Congressional District in 2018.— Ralph Crowl

I only know Christine Brown from watching her during newscasts when she was on KNDU. However, I have taken time to read her stand on the issues--issues that concern me also--and I am happy that I now have a candidate I can support whose values match ones so important to me. Christine Brown has my vote.— Nancy Burleigh

Christine Brown is very aware of the needs of our district and our country. She was raised in Yakima and has lived in the Tri-Cities for many years. She came into our homes each night as our newsperson reporting important events of the day. She was also selected to manage that newsroom which allowed her to stay in tune with her viewing audience. She has also served as an energetic volunteer for many years, helping the various communities she touched. This, to me, ensures we will have a caring, thoughtful, and honest representative for our district. Thank you Christine for runninng. You have our vote. Jon Juette— Jon Juette

Ms Brown has been a public figure in the area for years. She is thoughtful and educated about the district,,, and is a heck of a nice lady.— Frank Blair

Christine Brown is the kind of thoughtful, independent representation that the people of the 4th Congressional District need and want.— Kendall Miller

Christine understands how to best help the working poor and the middle class.— Ruth Dight

I am very pleased to be able to endorse Christine Brown for Congress. I have know her for many years and I admire and respect her. It is time for us to support a new direction for our government and Christine Brown is a step in the right direction. Please join me in supporting her in this endeavor.— Ed Allen

Christine brings to the Tri-Cities a centered approach to government in a way that initiates the harmony and balance we need in our communities. She has been seen and respected throughout the region for decades, staying intimately involved in our daily lives by carrying vital news and information to us all. Her strong leadership and intellectual abilities are reputable. Unbiased, inclusive and dedicated are the adjectives that describe best her attributes and actions, making her the best choice to lead us into the future.— Toby Bouchey

I am so excited that Christine is running for Congress. I have been alarmed that our current representative is following the administration's chaotic decisions. Thanks for giving us an alternative.— Becky Minister

I have known Christine Brown for approximately 15 years and have had an opportunity to observe her in a number of different settings. She consistently asks questions to ferret out all available information on any issue under consideration. She listens to all sides of an issue and ultimately makes her decisions based on facts and the best interests of the community. Christine possesses the intellect and empathy we need to have representing us in Congress.— Jean Ryckman

As someone from the new generation of politics, who isn't very well represented in this area, it is refreshing to see someone finally fighting to represent truth. That's why I would be extremely satisfied to cast my first vote in our great democratic process for Christine Brown.— Antonio Madrigal

I believe we need someone with Christine's belief in the people of the 4th District who will fight for our interests by working with Democrats and Republicans and Independents to achieve success. Christine has a reputation and a passion. I sincerely believe she is the right person to truly represent us in Washington, DC.— Thomas Moak

I endorse Christine for Congress to represent ALL citizens in Eastern Washington fairly and equitably.— Rosendo Esparza

Thank you Christine Brown for your courage and desire to serve our country by representing the needs of the people. Thank you for espousing the values of caring for our community and tackling important issues that affect our lives like health care being a human right, financial consumer protections and how we are a nation of immigrants and all immigrants bring value to our country. For far too many decades, our government has ignored immigration laws and how they are out of date and do not support our current economy. YOU HAVE MY VOTE! Thank you, a concerned citizen.— jamie Perez-Carter

Christine Brown is an expert listener who will represent the needs of her constituents, not the will of big donors. She will bring thoughtful leadership to Washington's 4th District.— Martin McBriarty

I overheard a conversation between Christine Brown and another woman and was ecstatic when I heard she was running for office. I had to interrupt them and pledge my support. She sees the current administration saying "this is good for every American" and knows it will give a temporary reprieve but in the long term just gives Republicans an excuse to take away current programs that benefit the lower and middle class. It's time for a change and Christine (speaking from her heart) is what we need in WA state and in the U.S.— Lauren Perrault

Thank you, thank you Christine Brown! You give me hope for the future of our country. I'm with you on the issues and I will do everything I'm able to to help get you to the other Washington to put "checks and balance" back into the twisted and mean spirited reality show that has overtaken our democracy. Of the 535 members of the legislative branch of the federal government, only 104 are women! Women constitute 51% of the population! It's time to level the field of influence and make the US a true "Representative Democracy". YOU GO GIRL!— Judith Shaw

Christine Brown would not be a "Rubber Stamp" for this irresponsible, not fit to occupy the White House President we have. And Christine Brown would not have voted to repeal our health care for millions of Americans without replacing it with something that would be improved for everyone. Our current Representative is a good man but he continues to vote for laws that do not protect the interests of all hard working men and women. I want a representative in Congress that thinks what is best for all of us and does not just do what he is told. Christine Brown is who I am voting for. Christine Brown is who I am contributing to for her campaign. Christine Brown will be an excellent new choice for us in Washington D.C.— Clark Denslow

I thank Christine Brown for running for this position! I have read through her website, in particular her positions on the issues. I support her beliefs. We need her leadership! I'm excited to endorse Christine Brown to hold Washington's 4th Congressional District seat!— Gary Tubbs

I support Christine. She is knowledgeable, articulate and knows our community. She will put people before politics.— Shelly Reed

I am delighted that Christine Brown is running for the Washington Fourth District Congressional seat. She will put the needs of the fourth district first, above the party. She is for health care for all, a path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants, and responsible regulations to protect consumers. She has knowledge of local, state, national and international issues, experience in separating fact from fiction and will work with all sides to solve problems. We can be proud of her values and dedication to helping others. She has my full support.— Mike Lawrence

It’s my privilege to endorse Christine Brown in the election to represent Washington’s Fourth Congressional District (WA-4). Our district needs new leadership. Someone who understands our history, but looks to the future. Someone who has the vision to see beyond party politics, and beyond the next party-line vote. Someone who truly represents the people of this vast, sprawling region we call the Mid-Columbia. I served in the United States Air Force for twenty years, and at a national research and development laboratory for another twenty-five years. I’ve worked with outstanding leaders and visionaries. When I say Christine Brown is a leader and a visionary, I’m speaking from experience. Please join me in supporting Christine Brown for the 4th CD. Richard Badalamente, PhD, Lt Col, USAF(Ret)— Richard Badalamente

You have my vote. Thank you for running. Eastern Washington needs someone of your caliber to represent us.— Luisa McEachern