Letter to the Editor

“I am voting for Christine Brown in November. Our system needs the checks and balances of two or more competing parties. Especially when the Republican Party has truly become Trump’s party.”

Meeting with United Farm Workers

On July 9, I met with members of UFW to discuss agriculture and immigration. I learned about the challenges and concerns the farm workers of the 4th District face and look forward to working with them on comprehensive immigration reform.

Fourth of July

Wednesday we walked the Pasco Grand Old 4th parade and the Yakima 4th of July celebration. What a great turnout, hope everyone had a festive and fun Independence day!

Great story in the Coulee Star

Christine Brown, Democratic candidate for Washington’s 4th Congressional District, spoke to a small crowd in Coulee Dam on May 9 about her views, and listened to views of those attending.

Christine Brown Part of the 2018 Wave

The Democrats have one other capable candidate but in a very, very Republican district.

Former Tri-Cities news anchor Christine Brown is taking on GOP Rep. Dan Newhouse in the 4th District, which embraces much of Central Washington. Newhouse has faced far-right Republican Clint Didier in both of his contests for Congress.

Democratic challenger to Congressman Newhouse seeks votes in the Methow

Christine Brown, Democratic challenger to the 4th Congressional District’s incumbent Republican Rep. Dan Newhouse, outlined her priorities in the Methow Valley Community Center Friday evening (Aug. 18), and acknowledged she is facing “an uphill fight.”

-Methow Valley News

Just Toured Sage Bluff Farm Worker Housing Project

Just toured the Sage Bluff Farm Worker housing project outside of Wenatchee.

-Christine Brown

Tri-Cities Pride Festival on Sunday July 16th, 2017

Tri-Cities Pride Festival on Sunday, July 16, 2017. Guests who stopped by the booth were asked to fill out a survey on what issues mattered the most to them in the 4th Congressional District.

-Jacqueline and Crystal Elvig

Why I’m Running To Represent You

The people of the 4th Congressional District need a leader who has the vision, skills, and experience to bring multiple views together to solve complex problems facing our communities. We need an independent leader who has the demonstrated ability and commitment to bring people together to find solutions and make our economy and government work for all of us.

Click on link above to read more.

-Christine Brown

Governor Jay Inslee and State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler Letter to Washington State Delegation

Washington Governor Jay Inslee and State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler recently sent a message to members of the Washington Congressional delegation outlining how the U.S. House and Senate Republican health care proposals will affect people in our state.

Over the past seven years, the Affordable Care Act has helped approximately 750,000 people in Washington State get health insurance, many for the first time. The uninsured rate dropped from 14% to 5.8% and the rate of uncompensated care for hospitals has dropped nearly in half. In addition, some 51,000 jobs were created to serve health needs in our state.

Here is just one paragraph from the letter describing how the proposed cuts will slash the significant progress we’ve made in Washington:

“Delaying the impact of these reductions, as the bill proposes to do, will not hide the fact that 600,000 people – many of whom live in rural communities – will lose insurance. About 25 percent of low income seniors and disabled people will lose long-term care services that now allow them to stay in their own homes and communities. Thirty thousand people who suffer from substance use disorder would lose treatment they need to return to work and not go to jail. Twenty-four thousand veterans who now have coverage and care will lose it. And providers throughout the state, who are now able to implement reforms to improve the quality of care and improve health outcomes for everyone, will no longer be able to develop those care systems for the most vulnerable who will be without coverage.”

I have attached the link to the entire nine-page communication so you can read the details of how the proposed repeal and replace bill would impact Washington. It’s well worth a look.

-Christine Brown